About Rob Roell

“My passion in life is helping individuals and professionals achieve levels of performance they once thought impossible.  To help them find and ignite that spark of passion to create and live their own dreams.” – Rob Roell

Rob Roell is a peak performance speaker and coach.

Rob brings together years of study with mentors, coaches and shamans around the globe. He brings his unique point of view to all that he has learned, along with a lifetime of experiences, and brings that to those willing to play at the highest levels of achievement.

As a lifetime learner, Rob Roell captures every opportunity to flip the coin and teach what he has learned to anyone willing to open their mind. He is not hear to bend anyone to his way of thinking, and asks that his students and clients only look at the alternative to make up their own mind.

Rob is down to earth, grounded, with an awesome sense of humor. Believing that there is a time to be serious and a time to laugh. OK, mostly to laugh.

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