This morning I took my little Siberian Husky puppy into the groomers for a bath today and as I’m sitting there waiting to drop her off, I start talking to one of the other owners that’s got a little Shihtzu puppy and he’s asking me for my advice about owning a Siberian Husky. Not particularly about the breed but about how the breed would interact with a smaller dog. Honestly, it really depends on the individual dog. To give you an example, my bigger dog Po would not do well, never did do well with smaller dogs. They were like prey to him honestly. And, that’s just the way he was built.

Kela on the other hand is generally great with little dogs. Depending on the other dog. If the dog themselves is aggressive, she will match like for like but if the dog’s fun and cool, she will treat it on as though it’s her own puppy. The conversation ultimately got around to that animals, by their nature, are generally very adaptive. Probably the best advice I could give him was to bring a Husky puppy into the already existing environment with the Shihtzu and then that way the Husky’s able to grow up in that environment and grow up with the Shihtzu already owning the household.

I referred him to this new video and I’ll post that link with these posts and on the blog and everything else. It’s this video that actually has been on my personal page of a Siberian Husky mom adopting a rescued kitten and how the kitten has taken on the attributes of the Husky and been accepted by the other Huskies. At the end of the day, it’s about adaptation. Animals by their nature adapt to their environment. That’s just what they do. They will find a way to survive.

That’s a lesson that you and I can take for the rest of our lives. You can take it to the bank if you’re in business, you could take it to wherever you want to be successful in your life. Adaptation is as much a human skill as it is an animal skill. We have just been taught differently. We have been taught to conform. Conforming is not the same as adapting. Conforming is getting outside yourself. Conforming is being what other people want you to be. Adapting is finding the right environment for you to be able to soar and finding the right place for you to be able to be the best you that you can be.

Finding the resources, the coaches, the mentors, everything that you need to be the best you possible. Go out there, find what you want, find what’s going to light you up, find your gift that you’ve been given and what you need to adapt to make that happen because the gift that you were given by God is what you need to pursue in life. Trust me, when you start doing that, all of the other stuff, the money, the things, the cars, the houses, don’t matter. It’s the work, the passion, the sharing and educating and uplifting and contributing in this world that matters more than anything else.

Go out and find your gift. The world needs more of you, not what other people want you to be.

You can find the video I promised here: