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Someone Will Have to Go

Are you ready for another Moana story? If you're not, you better get ready because I've got one for you. This one came me today as I was doing a bit of research, and ran across this story from Moana, and her relationship with her grandmother. Her grandmother is known as the crazy lady in

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Character vs Reputation

John Wooden once said that reputation is what you're perceived to be, character is who you really are. Another way of looking at that has to do with where you get your motivation to do and be who you are? Are you motivated by those things that are external to you? What other people think,

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Who Will You Rescue?

Earlier today, two of my best friends here in Dallas drove to East Texas. Took them about an hour to get out there. The purpose of the trip was to visit Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue. They drove out there in hopes of finding a puppy or two for themselves. Their two dogs passed away

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Friday the 13th!!

Where does that superstition come from? Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever gone and investigated it? There's a number of different theories. Some of the popular ones are from the Bible. Judas was considered the thirteenth Apostle. There are things that go back to Medieval times about the number 13, and the

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What Do You Decide?

When you make a decision, how committed are you to that decision? At the moment that you decide, how committed are you? I was inspired earlier today by some of the audio education I was listening to today. I'm a big believer in what is called "Net Time." Net Time is No Extra Time. That’s

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Loving What Is

Today, as I'm driving around in my car running errands, and I'm listening to what is quickly becoming one of my new favorite books. The book is “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. The point of the book is how to get in to your head and deal with the thoughts that are causing you

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You Never Know What You’ll Find Inside

*****Please be aware there may be one or two spoilers. ***** If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I recently went to see the new Disney movie Moana, and that I've fallen in love with this movie. It's a beautiful movie that has yet another new Disney princess modeled after and telling the

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When I was growing up there was more than one time where I fell down, hurt myself, started to cry, and my dad or someone else in the neighborhood said, "Get up and brush yourself off, and stop crying. Big boys don't cry." Ultimately, if you hear that enough as a child, you get that

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Trade Your Expectations for Appreciation

A couple of years ago I heard a statement that was both profound and troubling to me at the time. I was at a small conference, and one of the speakers gets up, and with all the confidence in the world, makes the statement: "100% of relationship strife is about miss-set expectations." When I first

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