A few days ago, I published a video where I talked about a better New Year’s resolution. I talked about planning, and coaching, and support, accountability, all of these things that can help you have an amazing year and an amazing life.

I want to show you what I’m doing to set myself up for success this year. I have a very good friend of mind, Willard Barth. I love him dearly. He’s an amazing friend, amazing coach and mentor to me. He has set up a 90-day transformation challenge. I went into my heart, into my soul, and really thought about it, and I committed to do the challenge with Willard and the group.

The way the challenge works is that you create a list of, 15 to 20 tasks you will accomplish, every single day for 90 days. You do them every day. You have accountability within the group to report how many you’ve done every day. When you reach your goal every week, you celebrate. When you don’t reach your goal, for every day that you don’t reach it, you commit to a consequence that you will own up to. In my case, my consequence for every day I don’t meet my challenge, I am going to donate $200 to the Westboro Baptist Church. If you know who they are, and if you know who I am, you know I will not enjoy writing that check. I do not intend to write a single check for the next 90 days.

One of the things I will share with you, is that one of my commitments is, that I am going to share a video every single day for the next 90 days. That’s my commitment to you and to myself.

My Tasks for the next 90 days:
Daily Video Blog
Catchup Video Blog
Daily Leadership skill
Event Syntax
Book review
Attend Life Mechanic Lives/Masterclasses
Speaking exercises

Execute Spending Plan

30 mins NuCalm
1 hour reading/filling my head
Quality time with everyone I meet


Egoscue ecises
Walk 30 mins
Eating Plan
Drink 128oz Water