Hi, I hope you’ve had a really great Christmas and you’re all set up for even better New Year’s and an awesome 2017. I want to talk to you today about the infamous New Year’s resolution. So many people make New Year’s resolutions, they usually wait until the brink of midnight on New Year’s Eve to come up with a resolution, and not surprisingly, less than 10% of people that make New Year’s resolutions actually follow through on them. We know it’s so much so that it’s kind of a joke, making a New Year’s resolution is not something that people do in a fully committed way.

If you are really looking to commit to something meaningful in 2017, you’ve got a couple of days to plan. Start thinking today about what your New Year’s resolution can be. Make it something you can achieve within the year. Figure out how you’re going to do it. Start your plan now. Don’t wait until after New Year’s, think of it now while you’re sober, both body and mind, and while you can do something about it, while you can create your plan. Find someone that can help to hold you accountable, an accountability buddy. Also, find a coach, somebody that has expertise in the area that you’re looking to conquer. if you’re making a resolution about it, it’s something that you’ve had trouble concurring in the past. Don’t think that you can do it alone. Find someone that can help you out, someone that’s been there and done that.

Finally, do it with an open heart. Don’t overthink it. If you get in your head, you’re dead. Do it from your heart. If you make it meaningful, tie it to something that is really going to help drive you to the end goal and you will be successful. If you do those things, you will be so amazingly successful that you will find something else, mid-year or sooner, to start tackling as well. Why wait for New Year’s to make another grand resolution? That’s what I have for you today, I hope you’re having a wonderful, wonderful holiday. I definitely am, I’ve been blessed to be around so many good friends, meet so many new friends and have some great times so far this holiday season. I can’t wait for 2017.