I want to share with you an inspiration that I got while I was in the car, listening to country music radio. Living here in Dallas there’s country music all over the airwaves out here, and one of my favorite artists, Tim McGraw, recently had great success with a song called “Humble and Kind,” and there’s a couple of lines at the end of the song that really struck by their meaning and the inspiration.

“Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you. When you get where you’re going, don’t forget to turn back around.” Even just saying that, I get chills all over my body because it’s so profound. What this is saying is, don’t forget to turn back around and help those that are in need. Help those to learn from you and gain lessons from what you learned along the path your to success. Basically, give back. Give back to society. Give back to those in need. Make use of what you’ve learned, whether it’s financial, emotional, or intellectual success. Give back. Contribute to those with less than you in society. Show that you really, truly do love your fellow human being, no matter what form.

That’s what that this really means to me. This is part of the gratitude equation that we’ve talked about before. It’s a way that you could show gratitude to the higher powers that exist. Whatever your belief system is in this world, you can show it to the universe to God, to whatever your higher power is. A great way to show your gratitude, is to give back. To turn back around and show that gratitude.