What I want to talk about today is flipping the concept of failure on its head a little bit, and giving you a psychological twist in how you can look at the concept of failure. Many of my mentors have led me to this concept, that there’s not a right way or wrong way to do things. You don’t win or lose at something. You only learn. By learning, you actually gain more, you grow more and you become more in this world. What the human soul really loves, more than anything, is growth and progress. When you’re growing and you’re progressing in life, you’re going to be happier and happier.  And, you’re going to be able to contribute and provide more to this world.

When you look at it, don’t look at whether or not you have a possibility of failure. Look at the possibility to learn more, to grow more, and to be able to take that and do more in the world.  To be a positive force in the world, and counteract a lot of what’s going on today. The more people we have out there being more positive about themselves and thinking about how you look at the world.  You are going to create a ripple that expands. The ripple that’s really going to take us on to another level in the human community around the world.

What you want to look at, whenever you come across a difficult situation. Is your fear. Your fear of failure, fear of stubbing your toe, fear of not being able to achieve your goals. If you don’t ever try, if you don’t take that first step, you’re never going to get there.  Then you have truly failed. It has been said, “The only real failure is the failure to try”. This is really true.  Said another way, “The only real failure in life is giving up.”  Which is a different version of not trying. You tried in the beginning, but you didn’t follow it through and keep trying till the end.

As long as you keep going, you go passed your stumbles, you go passed stubbing your toe, you go passed the momentary failure, and you go passed that initial fear, and take those steps. It’s always about what’s that next step that I can take on the road to my outcome, on the road to my desired result. What’s that little change, that little tweak, that I can make to get me there, to adjust and make it a better outcome the next time around. That’s how truly successful people, whether in business or in life, look at the world. How can I adjust this? How can I do better next time? What can I learn? What can I grow from?

I want to leave you with this one quote that is the inspiration for what I share with you today.  It came while I was listening to a growth and personal development recording.

This is a quote from Elisabeth Kubler Ross. “When you’ve come to the edge of all the light you know, and you are about to step into the darkness of the unknown. Faith is knowing one of two things will happen for you. There will either be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.”

Here’s wishing you that you’re flying and learning.  That you have a solid foundation to step on, every single step that you take.