Where does that superstition come from? Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever gone and investigated it? There’s a number of different theories. Some of the popular ones are from the Bible. Judas was considered the thirteenth Apostle. There are things that go back to Medieval times about the number 13, and the Knights Templar and things like that. You can investigate it for yourself. You will find some very interesting things about why Friday the 13th is such a big superstition.

The reason I bring it up since it’s apropos, today being Friday the 13th, it’s what you think that manifests in your life. If you think that Friday the 13th is an important day to fear, an important day to look for mishaps, tragedy, and other negative things in your life, then you’re likely to find that. One thing you have to know about how the brain works is that the brain will bring you things that you focus on. It most definitely will. Have you ever noticed when you buy a blue car, and next thing you know you see blue cars everywhere. It’s because it’s in your consciousness now.

Your brain is trained to look for what you focus on mentally. It’s going to bring to you visually and bring to your life what you focus on. There’s a part of your brain that all it does is filters out all of the other stuff in your life, the things you’re not focused on. Do you ever think that there are hundreds of thousands of stimuli that come in through your eyes and your ears every single second of every day. There’s birds singing, trees rustling. The is wind blowing. The child yelling down the street or on the other side of the restaurant. The police siren going by. That’s just to name a few. There are tons of different things.

If you just think about the number of stimuli that come in through your eyes. You could be walking down the street, and you’re not going to notice the name of the shop that you just walked by or the fact that a purple car just went by because you’re focused on getting from point A to point B. On the flip side of that, if you focus on something when wake up in the morning like, oh my god, it’s Friday the 13th, what the hell kind of bad things are going to happen to me today. Your brain is going to find everything bad that happens that day. Everything that comes into your awareness is going to show up front and center.

Take the time and enjoy the day, have fun with it, and don’t focus on the negative aspect of it. Turn it around. Make Friday the 13th a trigger to be the best day that you will ever have. I’ll bet you a million bucks that the creators of the Friday the 13th movie series think that Friday the 13th is their luckiest day ever.