I want to relate something that we covered in my improvisation comedy class tonight. It’s a concept called status. We looked at reading status on a level of 1 to 10, where 1 is low status, 10 is high status. We looked at differences between high and low status, where we looked at things like celebrity and being the CEO of a company and being a sports person and being Oprah, being a boss, all of these kinds of things.

On the low status side of things, we looked at somebody that’s harmless or somebody that’s undereducated, things of that nature. In the world of improv, what we are looking at more is as attitudes. When you think of a high status, you would think of confidence and you would think of being pumped up and you would think of somebody that maybe has authority over somebody else.

On the low status of things, you would think of low confidence and you would look at somebody that’s low energy and those kinds of things. How does this concept of status play out in your life? The one part that stuck out to me is that, just because you are a high-status individual, does not mean that you are above other people. The higher status is being a servant-leader. That is my path in life.

I want to be here to provide a service to you and I want to challenge you to find what your high status is. Is it being a servant leader? Is it being a super confident person that’s going to go out there, always be positive and always show people the way down the path? What is that going to be for you? Not everybody is called to be a servant-leader. If you are, it’s one of the highest callings you can find in this world.