I want to provide you with some additional insight that will help you to knock things out of the park in 2017. Whether you’re talking about your family, your relationships, your job, your business, or spiritual life. I want to offer you a little bit more to help you along your way throughout this brand new year.

Quite often we’ve heard that knowledge is power. That what you know is a ticket to get you somewhere. It’s the justification for why we send our kids to high school and college. Why we encourage people to get PhD’s and Master’s degrees. To go off and specialize in something in the medical field or in the engineering field. All of these are based on that premise that knowledge is power.

I want to share with you a modification of that phrase, or a counterpoint if you will. Napoleon Hill said that, “Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is just potential power until it’s organized into a definitive plan of action.” Or, Tony Robbins says it, “Knowledge isn’t power, it’s potential power. Execution trumps knowledge any day of the week.” I agree. What you know is important, but until you put that knowledge into action, until you do something with it, it’s absolutely meaningless.

We all know people that have created a world for themselves being a professional student, a professional seminar attendee, or a book worm. Those three pursuits are all beautiful things, when you backed up with action. Take those things and put them into a definitive plan of action when you’re done, and you will be doing something in this world.

One of the best examples that I’ve been given by one of my favorite seminar facilitators, Joseph McClendon III. He learned in his time going to seminars to take what you learn and put it into action immediately after leaving the event. Even if it’s a five day long event, do something with the information that night. Every night of the event do something when you walk out of there to ground that knowledge. To ground it into your body so that you are moving forward when you leave that seminar. Then make a point every day to take a little bit of what you learned in that seminar and go back to review it. For 30, 60, 90 days after that seminar, spend some time with that information so that you can figure out how that’s going to work for you. What it means to you, and how you can put it into action in your life. And, start putting it into action.

That is just beautiful advice because so many people will go to seminars, or listen to webinars and not do anything with the information. Another one that Tony Robbins loves to throw out is, “you never leave the scene of a decision without taking action.” That’s another beautiful one to take into 2017. If you embody what I’m telling you, take your knowledge, and put it into action in 2017, you will see a year like you have never seen before.  I promise you that.