Are you ready for another Moana story? If you’re not, you better get ready because I’ve got one for you. This one came me today as I was doing a bit of research, and ran across this story from Moana, and her relationship with her grandmother. Her grandmother is known as the crazy lady in the tribe and on the island. But, to Moana, her grandmother is a source of wisdom and a source of direction for Moana quite often in the movie.

At one point in the movie, grandmother is explaining to her about the need to rescue the heart of Te Fiti. Grandmother tells Moana how the heart of Te Fiti is important to the people of the island and that finding the heart is key to rescuing the people of the island. As Moana struggles with her role in this hero’s journey, grandmother says, “I don’t know who is going to go, but someone will have to go.” There is the key here. Someone will have to go.

In every situation in life, someone has to go first. That’s what leaders do. Leaders go first. Whatever you’re doing in your life, whether you’re working in a large organization, working in a small company, or it’s just you. You must find your inner leader and become bring that leader out to the forefront. Lead yourself first, be the first to go, and before long people will follow you. I will guarantee you that.

Especially today, people are looking for good leaders. They’re looking for people to stand up with confidence and blaze a new trail. Is that going to be you? It could be. You need to make that choice. Someone will have to go. I think it needs to be you. What do you think?