Are you a thermostat or are you a thermometer? Let me explain what I mean. A thermometer is a device that measures something that already happened, that’s all it does. It doesn’t do anything about it, it just gives you information. It’s like the proverbial canary in the coal mine or Chicken Little or the boy that cried wolf. All’s it does is give you information. Doesn’t help you out with anything. We all know people like this in our lives, right? People that tell us what’s wrong with what we’re wanting to do or poke holes in the plan. They are always negative, always looking for the problem and they never have a solution. Those are thermometers.

Thermostats on the other hand take the temperature of the room and then create a plan to do something about it. They create a plan to improve the situation, to take things to the next level. These are like the business leaders in the world, these are the entrepreneurs, these are the people that are looking for a problem to solve. Again, my question to you. Are you a thermometer or are you a thermostat? It’s up to you, you have the choice as to which you want to be. It’s very easy to just be a thermometer because that’s the way society runs today. We are rewarded for being the canary in the coal mine, for being able to point out problems without providing solutions.

But we’re only rewarded on a significance and an emotional level. We get people telling us, “yeah, I’m getting behind you, you’re right. Let’s go get those people.” But the thermostats, they’re rewarded as well, and they’re rewarded in a whole different way. They are rewarded on the levels of growth and contribution because they’re looking to do something more, they’re looking to contribute and make society better. Whether it’s contributing a new solution to technology or to global warming.

Think of Elon Musk. Elon Musk is the ultimate thermostat. This man is out to create a legacy in this world through his use of technology.  Go look at his video of the recent introduction of the Tesla Model 3, where he walks you through his plan for the world. How he has Tesla set up to get electric vehicles out there to the public and how he’s going about doing it. It’s so well thought out, you would just be amazed at the way that this man thinks. In the societal responsibility that this man feels. Check it out, its toward the bottom of the page. You will see how this man is a perfect example of a thermostat in this world.

Ask yourself that question. Ask yourself if you’re a thermostat. If you’re a thermometer, is that what you want to spend the rest of your life being?