There’s a Cherokee story that talks about an old Cherokee Elder talking to his grandson, and telling him about the fight that is constantly going on inside him. He goes on to tell him that there is one wolf, the wolf of evil, or the wolf of fear that represents everything there is bad inside a person. On the other side is the wolf of good, or the wolf of courage that represents all that is good in a human being and in the human population. He goes on to tell more about the story and the grandson asks him, “How do you know which one of these wolves is gonna win that fight inside you?” The grandfather pauses for a moment and he replies to his grandson, “The wolf that will win is the wolf that you feed.”

I always loved this story because it describes this internal turmoil that we all tend to go through about the balance between good and evil. The balance between courage and fear. The reason I tell you this story is that it goes to the heart of what’s going on in our society and in our nation today. That everything that’s going on, that’s dividing this country today is feeding the wolf of fear. I you to see that it is up to you as an individual, it is up to me as an individual, to feed the wolf of courage and to feed the wolf of good, to feed the wolf of positivity.

If you continue to do that as an individual, and encourage others to do the same, be a leader and show that this can be done and show this can have a positive and lasting effect on our world and on our nation, you will do good things and you will be a positive person in this world.

Which wolf do you want to feed?